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"When I was a salaried employee, my job was to make major decisions to ensure the organization I was working for remained profitable and fully operational in order to protect jobs for my colleagues and create new jobs for hiring.
At Siblings Asia, we turn your jobs into careers."
- James Huang, Our Founder & Managing Director

Providing superior recruitment services across all major industries..

Logistics and Shipping
Banking, Finance and Accounting
Information Technologies and Engineering
Food and Beverage


Our database

Our extensive database, categorized according to industry, ensures us to reach candidates in the earliest to share with them about a job opening.

An End-end staffing solution

Every time our client activates us with a new assignment, it will go through the following few steps:

Requirements Gathering & Needs Analysis – We first identify the relevant qualifications and experience required to perform well in the role.  We are also eager to learn the traits that make a cultural match in the team. The first stage allows us to form an opinion on what make a candidate the best fit for our client’s vacancy.

Sourcing & Screening – We design and put up a suitable advertisement immediately. While waiting for responses from active candidates, we get in touch with those potential passive candidates who are registered in our talents database. We vet through applicants’ qualifications & experiences, assess  their communications & other soft skills, and evaluate if their character and personality potentially gel well in the team.

Presentation of Qualified Candidates – For candidates who pass our screening, we summarize and profile the resume before presenting to our client. We want to help HR personnels and hiring mangers understand the candidate’s background & relevancy from the first glance on the lengthy document. If shortlisted, we schedule an interview appointment and make sure the candidate brings along necessary documents & have the Job Application Form completed beforehand. We aim to provide hassle free recruitment services and let our client save time and remain focused on other core duties.

Offering, Negotiation and Finalizing – During the offering stage, we facilitate in extending the offer to the selected candidate, including any negotiations all the way to signing of the Letter of Appointment. We do a follow up on the first day of candidate commencement of work. We want to ensure that the onboarding went smoothly and both parties – employer and employee, have a good start!

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